How to get your home prepared to be put on the Market in 5 Steps

Step 1.  Talk to a Real Estate Expert!

It is vital for you to know how you home matches up in the current market. Talking to a professional who has experience, will provide information of what’s going on in the market and where you house fits. That way you can make the best decision to sell the home or not.

Step 2. Get the Home Ready to Sell !

Clean, Clean, Clean! it is crucial that the home looks great when it’s time for showings. It might be wise to talk to your agent about having the home staged. Studies show that Staged homes sell about 8% Higher if they weren’t.

Step 3. Plan out where you are going!

Know that Putting the home on the Market doesn’t mean it will sell or that it will be sold at the right time. It’s a must to have a game plan involved. Know where you are going and know when you want to be there! Especially if the perfect home comes up on the Market!

Step 4. Understand what Conditions buyers might concerned about

It very common that a buyer will order a home Inspection to be done on the home. Make sure that your agent is there to know exactly is going on incase an inspector catches something. It is very important to be ready if anything serious is caught.

Step 5. Plan out Showing times.

Planning out a set showing time schedule is very key to your normal life schedule and not losing out on potential buyers. Today peoples work schedules can be all over the place. Don’t be surprised if  showing requests  anywhere from 8am in the morning to about 10pm at night. Discus with your agent when’s the most convent times.