Renting for the Same $$ for Owning

February 7, 2019

Renting will always be the most convenient options for most people. All the terms are simple and straight forward, you can get in and not have to worry about anything change. You’re not responsible for anything and its only for a Year..Month/Month then when it’s over. you can move if  you want to. However Do you know what’s a good rent rate? What most renters have a problem is that if housing market goes up well so does the rental market and are left in the same situation you can own for the same price as renting.

Which bring the question…if the payment is the same is it better to own or rent?  Well let’s take a look to why one might be better than the other.

Renting Pros:

  1. Short term commitment
  2. mobility
  3. don’t have to worry about home conditions
  4. low maintenance


  1. Paying for someone else Investment
  2. Housing Market increasing
  3. can’t remodel
  4. rules

How can you determine  if buying is best for you? Contact a Real Estate Professional see what your options are. The benefits of Home ownership over ways renting in all areas. If you are currently renting I’d advise to get a game plan to look into owning .

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